Yuka 日本人スタッフ紹介 ICOT College語学学校

2017年からICOT College語学学校のマーケティングスタッフとして働いており、これまで多くの日本人のお客様をご案内して参りました。


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Introduction of Yuka – ICOT College

Ireland is still not well known in Japan, but it is popular as an English language study abroad destination in other countries. People from all over the world, such as South America, Europe, and Asia, are learning English there.
I have been working as a marketer at ICOT College since 2017, and have guided more than 100 Japanese customers so far.

Only 1% of students in our school are Japanese, so it is the best language school for those who want to improve their English skills.
You can talk face-to-face at the marketing office, such as the orientation on the first day of class and your worries about life in Ireland, so even those who are worried about studying abroad for the first time can feel at ease.

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