Why studying in Malaysia so good?? マレーシア大学卒業生が語るマレーシア留学の魅力


Sbb saya dapat banyak soalan tentang belajar di Malaysia dari banyak orang Jepun, jadi kai ni saya buat video cakap tentang perkara bagus tentang belajar di Malaysia. saya harap kamu nikmati video ni. Saya sikit rasa malu sbb saya selelu cakapa bahasa melayu atau english dalam video saya. Tapi saya harap kamu nikmati viode ini bah :))

#malaysia #マレーシア #留学

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  1. Well a Japanese dub with english sub is a pleasure to our(malaysian) ears after all

  2. ahhh..now i know why your accent a bit sabahan you study di sabah bah…im from sabah and previously i was living in KK and work at a company and some of our staff is from japan, well we always sit together lunch time and hangout together then when i quit from the company i miss all my japanese friend you guys are so cool and friendly but i see how my friend struggle just to follow our lifestyle here..but then yah they were all awesome..

  3. 留学と進学は何が違うんですか?

  4. As a Malaysian who has lived here and studied in the US, Malaysia is still the best place to live in. And KK is a great place to truly experience Malaysian culture cause it is a big melting pot of culture between many kinds of people.