Japanese shares difficulties living in Malaysia / マレーシア留学で大変だったこと

Hi nama saya Moka.
Saya orang Jepun yang suka Malaysia sangat!


Sbb saya dapat banyak soalan tentang belajar di Malaysia dari banyak orang Jepun, jadi kaili ni saya buat video cakap tentang perkara yang saya rasa susah semasa belajar di Malaysia. saya harap kamu nikmati video ni.
As I mentioned in the video, everything that I shared on the video is depends on the individuals and it based on my obeservation. Thank you for understanding!xx

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  1. Thank you for watching my video! This time I share 3things that I find difficult while living in Malaysia / 3thibgs I wish I know before moving to Malaysia. Maybe some of them sounds negative, but please do know I love Malaysia a lot including all these things that I share on this video. Thank you for your understanding!❤️

    • First time always a problem to adjust. But eventually u will get use to it

    • Hai Sore wa chīsana mondaidesu….. Doitamashite…..

    • マレーシアの中華系です、いま日本で留学しています。この動画を見て、本当に全部事実で、爆笑しました。(笑)

    • I thought the first difficulty you live in Malaysia are to poop because most of toilet in Malaysia are squat type instead of sit type🤔🤣🤣 and we tend to use water pipe with a hose for cleaning instead of tissue,oh and because of hot weather in Malaysia we usually take bath 2 or 3 times(morning, afternoon,evening) a day instead of 1 in the evening like Japanese