【Epi 18】ニュージーランドでクリスチャンになる


Christian Voice JAPANはキリスト教プロテスタント福音派クリスチャンの証しの番組です。

1992年 Hawaii🌴にあるYouth With A Missionで弟子訓練を受ける。
1993年 日本のリバイバルの為に働く召しを受け帰国🛫
(当時、甲子園ミッション🏟やジェリコ・ジャパンなどの多くのリバイバル宣教が盛ん    に行われていた)
1998年 JTJ宣教神学校卒業
2003年 結婚し、現在2児の母。
Christian Voice JAPAN is an Evangelical Protestant program that testifies for the One true God.
Each episode Features testimonies by a wide variety of Christian;how they came to know Christ,and what marvelous blessings and miracles they have experienced during their faith journey with Christ.
Christian Voice JAPAN weekly audio-only podcast began on February 19,2021.
The YouTube audio-only channnel began in 2022.

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Mikuni was born in a Christian home.
The family’sChristian root goes back to the time of my grandfather.
1920,Mikuni’s grandfather ran into a Christian evangelist from ,
preaching on a street.
That day the grandfather became a Christian and his life was completely transformed.
The grandfather eventually went and received a training from Fujito Tsuge,one of the great revivalist of Taisho era.
The grandfather’s conversion to Christianity had a big impacton his family.
Following his footsteps, many of his family members and relatives became Christians.
Mikuni’s Father and husband are also Christian ministers.

1992 Took a Discipleship traninng course at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona,Hawaii.🌴
1993 Return to Japan, upon receive a call to serve for a Japan’s revival.🛩
In the late 1990’s, Japan saw the rise of evangelical revival movements such as Koshien Mission and Jericho Japan.
Mikuni worked at Revival Praise Mission ,Kansai district office , that affiliated with Miktam.
1998 Graduated from JTJ Evangerical Seminary.
2003 Married👰🤵‍♂️
Currently Lives with husband and 2 children.👬