Day in My Life | 英語が話せずアメリカ留学後即帰国。現在スピーキング猛勉強中の社会人の日常 | VLOG

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■About Me/自己紹介 – 英語の後に続きます

Welcome to my channel. I’m Kei. This channel is where I share random videos from my life in Japan.

Here is a story of my life (my student days, life after study abroad, and how I met my dog).

I remember I didn’t like going to school. I had no friends until I entered university. I was a loner so I accepted being alone and started spending time doing what I want to do. During this time I enjoyed listening to English pop songs (one of the reasons why I started learning English). I moved to study abroad in the US during my university years. Challenging myself by getting out of my comfort zone, it was worth trying. I’m so glad I had the chance. After graduation I returned to Japan. I wanted to find a job and stay longer in the US but I was not confident in my English. Even now I’m still not confident and make a lot of mistakes. Learning never ends.

My life after study abroad is still not perfect. I have changed jobs a lot of times. From 2019 to 2020, I lost interest in everything because nothing went as planned. But one day this life changing event happened. I got a smooth haired dachshund. His name is Sam. My family has had a dachshund before but we never imagined getting a second dog. Sam makes us laugh every day and makes a bad day better. I am beyond thankful for my dog. Life is surely full of surprises.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please leave a comment below and let me know your story : ) (life, pet, etc.)


自己紹介としてこれまでの人生をざっくりまとめてみました。(学生時代, 留学後の生活, 愛犬との出会い)