Simple Memories (Valletta Malta) | Cinematic Vlog shot on Sony α7iii/マルタ島バレッタツアー | シネマティックVlog

Exploring the beautiful streets of the World Heritage city of Valletta in Malta in this Cinematic Romantic style video shot with Sony a7iii.

The concept of this cinematic vlog is when our main character feels all alone at first but discovers happiness and makes memories after walking in the streets of Valletta where she enjoys the rich history and what this amazing city can offer.

Despite the challenges our country is facing due to the global pandemic, scenes like these give us the hope that our amazing country of Malta is ready to welcome tourists and students with open arms anytime!


Equipment used:
✩Sony camera
Software used:
✩Sony Vegas Pro 18
✩ HP:
✩ Instagram: @maltastudy
✩ Twitter: @maltastudy
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