i want a temporary marria

not sure what to say , just email and lets get started on something ? so tired of being alone though ? sigh's

[1667] shai (2017/08/08 Tue 20:46) email : zhyy@mail.com


Hello, My name is Faisal Munir. I am a 39 year old male from San Antonio, Texas, USA. I like to read the Bible, make new friends, travel and go for long walks. I am very interested in the Japanese culture and way of life. I know very few words and phrases in Japan. I would like for someone to teach me. I want to make friends with someone from Japan. Please email me at faisalmunir@hotmail.com . Any age and gender welcome.

[1666] Faisal (2017/08/03 Thu 08:25) email : faisalmunir@hotmail.com

Seeking Friends !

Single male age 33
Seeking Friends who want visit or live in Hawaii !
I live in Hawaii and speak Japanese and English!
If you want a friend who lives in Hawaii, contact me.
All ages, Men, Women or couples are welcome to be my friend!

Englsih; advance
Japanese; native

[1665] Gaku Hawaii (2017/08/01 Tue 11:39) email : meetpenpal@yahoo.co.jp

Practice Partner

I'm looking for a new friend with whom me I can practice my Japanese llanguage skills!

[1664] Teea (2017/07/20 Thu 12:41) email : zettai_teea@yahoo.com


Hi guys

[1663] Ismael (2017/07/15 Sat 06:08) email : palm@oiy.com


I am an avid NBA fan, Oklahoma City Thunder. Love sports watching and playing. I love food and cooking especially baking and desserts and I love wine too. Love going out to eat, all kinds of foods with the exception of Indian food. Play chess, conversant on politics and love advocacy. I lived in Taiwan for two years and studied Mandarin Chinese for 4 years in total. I did lots of research on the Taiwan Independence Movement when I was in college as I was an East Asian Studies and History double major in college. I work in the field of Adult Literacy as the Program director of a program that provides free English classes, (ESOL) for immigrants in NYC. I am interested in meeting people who love, food, drinks, cooking, sports, and language and conversation.

[1662] Michael Hunter (2017/07/09 Sun 06:28) email : corrina.rm@gmail.com

Lifetime friend

Native English speaker from the USA. I have too many interests and hobbies to list here. I'm a beginner in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. I'm really interested in languages, but only fluent in English. Have a great day, and thank you for taking the time to read my ad.

[1661] Bryan (2017/07/03 Mon 18:56) email : trance.music.fan@gmail.com