Hi my name is Jessica and I would like a penpal. Someone to talk to and get to know. Exchange of cultures and language.

[1688] Jessica (2018/03/06 Tue 10:19) email : Jwimberly36@gmail.com


I have two eyes and know how to use them. And, my brain is connected to my eyes so most of the time I understand what I am reading.

[1687] mikey33543 (2018/03/05 Mon 06:21) email : mikey33543@yahoo.com

Garl frends

I love you my frends ...
I am india

[1686] Pardesi mahto (2018/03/05 Mon 01:27) email : Mahtopardeshiya@gmail.com

Japanese friend

konnichi wa! hajimemashite. I am 27 years old looking for friends from Japan. I am studying the language and I love the culture. Please do not hesitate to send an e-mail and if you would like to practice English, I can help.

[1685] Buretto (2018/02/25 Sun 18:37) email : nier.automatamaster@gmail.com

Hello ^_^

Hello my name is Kailyn Knolton. I'm here looking for someone who is fluent in Japanese that might be able to get me learn it a little better. I want to become an English teacher in Tokyo Japan as well as study business and management. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. ArigatÅgozaimashita!

[1684] Kailyn (2018/01/24 Wed 05:17) email : Kay.jsas18@gmail.com


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[1683] marthe22 (2018/01/23 Tue 22:16) email : adrianemarthe222@gmail.com

looking to help

im looking to learn japanese and help teach english

[1682] vincent (2018/01/15 Mon 11:52) email : superdrahgon@gmail.com