Gamer living in the US

Hey everyone. Just looking for a friend to talk to about action-adventure videogames and rpgs. I'm also curious to see what life is like in Japan.

[1674] Andres (2017/11/11 Sat 17:42) email :


I need a Japanese pen pal because I am attempting to learn the Japanese language and would be nice to talk to someone in Japan. I have a very high respect for Japanese culture.
Thank you.

[1673] David (2017/10/17 Tue 11:39) email :

A little about myself.

I am looking for an English speaking friend in Japan to become friends with and to learn more about the country.
I play Video games, enjoy anime and love cats.

[1672] Jordan Maceyko (2017/10/05 Thu 08:16)

Looking for friends!

Would like to meet other girls so I can make friends!

[1671] Penelope Soto (2017/09/22 Fri 04:49) email :

Konnichi wa

Iso'gazu ni, yakkuri ariukimasho. I don't really speak or write very much Japanese, but I'm ready to learn, and I adapt well to learning new languages too. I have always been interested in the many cultures of Japan, and have plans of visiting or living there some day, if possible. Just maybe you can give me just one more reason to put more effort into getting there? I'm a very energetic young middle-aged man with ambition and would love to explore new things, new people, and new ideas on my journey on our beautiful planet we call home. So, if you are like minded and adventurous and optimistic, and would love to take a journey to beautiful and wonderful places too, then answer this ad to reach me. You'll certainly find an interesting man that can be more than a friend, if possible, and it can only get better from here. Sayonara ;) With Smiles at: Timothy Binford, P.O. Box 9000, Forrest City, Arkansas 72336

[1670] Timothy Binford (2017/09/18 Mon 02:07)

hi there

hi im a girl who is planning to go to japan for my end of high school trip and live there for around 3 or 4 months or longer. I'm really excited to see japan and all it it has to offer, i need friends. my common interest are drawing and being© addicted to nicotine, i enjoy watching anime, and my favorite type of music would have to be a mix of jazz punk rock and doo wop, my names ash I'll be 18 by the time i go and yeah whatever, but i wanna have fun in japan and by fun i don't wanna have sex with u so calm down weird men on the internet my dads a `cop. so yeah hmu don't be a fucking pedo thx bye

[1669] ash (2017/09/14 Thu 14:54) email :



[1668] mikelol (2017/09/04 Mon 22:39) email :