Hi, am interested in chatting with a Japanese friend, age 40 and up, male or female.
My intentions are to improve my Japanese and to learn more about Japanese culture.
Onegai shimasu.
Arigato gozaimasu

[1645] Nunilon Sy (2017/02/08 Wed 05:29) email :

American student studying

Hi I am a American student currently studying Japanese and would love to have a pen pal that I can learn Japanese from and/or teach English message me if interested

[1644] Sage motta (2017/02/05 Sun 09:03) email :

pinoy need hot japanice

Hi girls

[1643] baby (2017/02/01 Wed 20:39) email :


Looking for someone to talk to and yes I'm a male I like video and anime.

[1642] Victor (2017/01/17 Tue 19:11) email :


Looking for someone to talk and yes I'm a male

[1641] Victor (2017/01/17 Tue 19:08) email :


Hello, I am looking for friends from around the world to talk to and exchange ideas about making the world a better place.

[1640] Tony (2017/01/17 Tue 04:36) email :

Hello from California :)

I am student from San Francisco, currently studying insects. I love video games and nature photography. I am interested in learning about new languages and cultures :)

[1639] Joelle (2017/01/15 Sun 13:04) email :