[1707] ミハイル (2018/11/08 Thu 14:42) email :



[1706] Maria (2018/11/03 Sat 23:01) email :

Friends please;)

Hi, my name is Azul and I'm looking forward to making friends. I plan on moving to Japan one day so I would like to learn the language with someones help.
I'm 28yrs old and I was a nursing student until 2yrs ago. I was in a car accident which ended with a coma and an amputed arm. I feel I have lost my place so I'm hoping to make new friends to help me find my way again. I hope to hear from someone.

Thank you,

[1705] Azul (2018/10/11 Thu 20:35) email :

Hello! Looking for friend

Hello, and lovely to meet you. My name is Nolan, and I am a university student studying linguistics. I also sell my paintings.

Glad to meet you.

[1704] Nolan (2018/09/28 Fri 09:14) email :


My Japanese I high school class would like language exchange pen pals. These are high school students in grades 9 - 12 (14 - 18 years of age). They are interested in learning Japanese and correcting pen pal's English.

email exchange uses gmail

[1703] Victoria Mohr (2018/09/20 Thu 01:27) email :

Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for some Japanese penpals to help me learn the language more since I'm planning to study abroad there in a couple years. I'd be more than happy to help out with English as well! I'm really into Japanese culture and history, anime/manga, filming, drawing, and writing. Hope to hear from you soon!

[1702] Caitlyn (2018/08/31 Fri 17:39) email :

Japanese/English Exchange

I live in Los Angeles, California. I would like to do a language exchange by mail with a native Japanese speaker.

[1701] Jesse (2018/08/18 Sat 13:49) email :