Wonderful to meet you!new!

My name is Adam and it is wonderful to meet you! I'm looking forward to meeting lovely women from Japan to teach me the traditions and cultures of relationships and living in Japan. I'd love to get to know as many of you as possible and make great friendships.

Thank you,

[1650] Adam (2017/04/26 Wed 01:08) email : Graywolf2281@gmail.com

Study Americanew!

are there any Japanese students interested in studying in the USA?
I really enjoy making friends with Japanese students.
I am an English teacher at a university in the State of Tennessee.
the university has engineering, business, sciences, computers, health, Pre-Medicine, nutrition, Chemistry, physics and biology programs.

If you are interested please let me know


[1649] CHARLIE (2017/04/26 Wed 00:19) email : cwilkerson@tntech.edu


Hello my dear Queen,
How are you today?!
i am kinda new here in this site in which i just stumble up on your profile, in which i am very interested in you right now for a serious marriage, i am Maj. Gen. Mark A. M. Miller(Milley) from Texas the U.S, please kindly add me up as your favorite here, and also send me an instant reply back her, plus also to my email box: for youtoo123@yahoo.com , plus you can add me up now on face book site with my face book i.d: mark millera , okay.
Maj. Gen. Mark A. M. Miller.

[1648] Maj. Gen. Mark (2017/04/22 Sat 00:28) email : foryoutoo123@yahoo.com


Hello everyone,, I'm Bradley J Schmidt and I would like to have penpals both male and females.. I will be so pleased to tell you more about me, send me a message and I will add you. God's blessings.

[1647] Brad Schmidt (2017/03/13 Mon 21:24) email : Schmidt.usarmy007@Gmail.com

Practice Japanese

[1646] Jesse (2017/03/12 Sun 17:03) email : jessespruill@icloud.com


Hi, am interested in chatting with a Japanese friend, age 40 and up, male or female.
My intentions are to improve my Japanese and to learn more about Japanese culture.
Onegai shimasu.
Arigato gozaimasu

[1645] Nunilon Sy (2017/02/08 Wed 05:29) email : nunilonsy@yahoo.com

American student studying

Hi I am a American student currently studying Japanese and would love to have a pen pal that I can learn Japanese from and/or teach English message me if interested

[1644] Sage motta (2017/02/05 Sun 09:03) email : iamotaku33@gmail.com