Japanese Friends!

Hey, I love everything about Japan! I have studied multiple martial arts my entire life. I would love to make some Japanese friends and learn more about the culture, fashion and language!

[205] Angel Summer (2017/04/20 Thu 20:39) email : angel-summer@outlook.com

Need some help

Goodd evening. I'm looking tout learn about japanese culture and traditions. It's a personal journey for me.
I'm happy to chat teach English. I speak no japanese .

[204] Tricky657 (2017/03/24 Fri 05:16) email : rmpulling@gmail.com



I'm 48 and living alone in the UK. I'm looking for Japanese pen pals. So if you fancy corresponding, please drop me a line!

[203] Steve Cook (2017/03/12 Sun 18:51) email : Celtbud@aol.com


I am from England and am looking for a Japanese person to send messages to for the purpose of helping me learn japanese and helping them learn English. I have only recently started to learn japanese and am currently studying hiragana. I would love to have someone who has time to send messages 5 or 6 times a week so we can help each other improve our language skills.

[202] Marc Parry (2017/02/04 Sat 19:38) email : marcmrnice@hotmail.co.uk


I'm Kinsley. I'm 44 years old from London. I'm looking for English/Japanese Language Exchange friend to share all my secrets haha. You & I learn English & Japanese by practicing together on Skype, email, phone, chat messenger or face to face meeting whichever that suits you. My business for 10yrs involved frequent travel to Japan/Korea/China/Hongkong. But beside business I like Japanese people/arts/culture/language hence very passionate to learn and to speak Japanese while in Japan. I love food but unfortunately I can't cook -- haha, I love tennis, nature/sea side and travelling around Europe. I don't like smoking. I'm very hardworking and sometimes I'm a good listener -- haha. Please feel free to email and ask me any question - make time to be my friend. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful time.

[201] Kinsley (2017/01/01 Sun 16:43) email : nanomoj@yahoo.com


Hi everyone, i am new here, first am in need of a friend from japan, willl be spending my next holiday in japan. I work for the UN, always very busy. secondly, am in need of a lady, for romance, love, care and marriage. All our welcome.

[200] Genesis (2016/12/23 Fri 19:57) email : genesisbabatunde@gmail.com


Hello, my name is rhiannon but everyone calls me rhii, I'm looking to make a few new friends :) how are you and your family?

[198] Rhii (2016/08/17 Wed 15:52) email : Mummy1rhii@Gmail.com