I would like to write to females in Japan please.

Im 60, married with 2 sons and 4 Grandsons. Interested in other cultures, learning new things and writing handwritten letters. I enjoy reading, swimming, sailing, aromatherapy oils and makeup/skincare. Please, ladies only.

[213] Gilly Steeden (2018/06/28 Thu 22:20) email :


始めまして。My name is Scott and I am 25 years old. I am looking for language exchange, friends and maybe more. I want to chat about culture, music and other interests we can exchange. I work as an engineer and am a Law student.

[212] Scott Edgington (2018/04/15 Sun 23:05) email :


Am new here looking for a white lady to marry

[211] Solomon (2018/04/10 Tue 02:05) email :


Hi Rob from UK looking for penpal from anywhere in world

[210] Robert (2018/01/22 Mon 00:47) email :


Greetings from the UK, i have wished for many years to find contacts and friends in Japan, so that one day i could visit Japan and experience your culture and ways. I have been a fan of many products from Japan and especially love motorcycles, cars and gadgets. If you would like to know more about England and have some similar interests please let me know.

[209] Justin (2018/01/20 Sat 08:41) email :

want to learn culture

add my snapchat dandavy95

[208] dan davy (2017/11/20 Mon 12:36)


Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae wa Sarah desu. I am 26 years old & currently learning Japanese. i am travelling to Tokyo next year and would love to connect with someone to learn more of the language and city.

[207] Sarah (2017/09/19 Tue 13:30)