Hi everyone. I am fatima 31 years old from Philippines. I am here because i want to try my luck to find a serious relationship. somebody whom i can share my life with him until we gets old. if you are interested to know more about me please do not hesitate to contact me on my gmail account.

God Bless!

[469] fatima (2017/04/15 Sat 14:10) email : myOhmai0513@gmail.com


Hello, my mame is Andrea.
Im 38 y.o.
I love animals, postcards, etc .
i am from Mexico, but i live in France. e-mail me:
Snail penpals welcome!

[468] Andrea (2017/03/27 Mon 06:18) email : freeanimallibre@hotmail.com

I am from SriLanka

Hello Friends! I'm from SriLanka. I would like to recognize new friends and help them for improve English knowledge and or Buddhism. Thank you.

[467] Sumana Kiththi (2017/02/22 Wed 20:20) email : skiththithero@gmail.com

Nigerian artist,Japanese

Hi, my name is Obilo. I live in Nigeria. I'm a guy, I am an artist.

I have a lot of respect for Japanese culture I'd like to learn how to speak Japanese, and eventually write. I also would like to know a lot about Japan, its history,philosophy, and way of life.

Feel free to contact me, you can teach me Japanese, and I can teach you good english! This is a new message...so I will respond. I wrote this February 13, 2017.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[466] 0bilo (2017/02/13 Mon 07:43) email : totelian@gmail.com


Hi, from SAIPAN here. I would like to have friends in Japan. I hope I could share more about our place and culture in the future.

Kind Regards,


[465] Ricky Castro (2017/01/21 Sat 21:58) email : kiericks@gmail.com

Hi from Brazil

Hi! I'm Victor, and I'm from Brazil.
I can speak Portuguese and English, and I'd very much like to make acquaintances in Japan!

Let's be friends!

[464] Victor (2017/01/21 Sat 10:00) email : k.victor.vianna@gmail.com


hi friends am kiyonga from Uganda, interested in learning Japanese language and culture any who can help

[463] kiyonga Stuart (2017/01/08 Sun 12:07) email : michealwise37@gmail.com