Hello every girl and womanew!

Girls women

[480] More physics (2018/04/25 Wed 00:49) email : mrhotttt@hotmail.com


I Would Like To Have Penpal So That I Learn More From Him/her.

[479] Zachariah (2018/04/24 Tue 10:26) email : zachariachauma476@gmail.com


Hello,just want to be friend with any member of your group

[478] Georgina Ahenka (2018/01/11 Thu 08:32) email : ginaahenkan233@gmail.com


Hello, will be glad if I get a friend from your group

[477] Georgina Ahenka (2018/01/11 Thu 08:28) email : ginaahenkan233@gmail.com


I am looking women for friend 37 yer

[476] Birawan (2017/11/23 Thu 21:01) email : Birawanbrando@gmail.com


Am a 34yrs old Papua New Guiinean.
Looking for pals to chat and sharing of ideas.s.
Prepare Japan, Australia,New Zealand and pacixic
Island countries.

[475] Steven (2017/11/23 Thu 08:36) email : stev.binabe@yahoo.com


Hi admin thanx for the outrageous works you render to us. We apreaciate you so much. I love to join and become a member coz !y dream is to have and learn Japanese culture by acquiring Japanese friends and learn the language.

[474] Ssemwanga ken (2017/09/07 Thu 04:22) email : Ssemwangadeosonko @gmail.com