I am looking women for friend 37 yer

[476] Birawan (2017/11/23 Thu 21:01) email :


Am a 34yrs old Papua New Guiinean.
Looking for pals to chat and sharing of ideas.s.
Prepare Japan, Australia,New Zealand and pacixic
Island countries.

[475] Steven (2017/11/23 Thu 08:36) email :


Hi admin thanx for the outrageous works you render to us. We apreaciate you so much. I love to join and become a member coz !y dream is to have and learn Japanese culture by acquiring Japanese friends and learn the language.

[474] Ssemwanga ken (2017/09/07 Thu 04:22) email : Ssemwangadeosonko


Hello there :) looking for Japanese pen pals. I am from New Zealand and new to this site. I am 20 years old

[473] Tarachan19 (2017/09/04 Mon 08:47) email :


hello thier am new hear and need your help

[472] papis badjie (2017/08/27 Sun 10:27) email :


I would like meet asian people of my age for friendly

[471] Kayra Lee (2017/08/11 Fri 21:39) email :


hi. can you connect me to Japanese friends for the purpose of sharing business, cultural and social ideas. lm looking forward to do business with Japanese people especially in automotive business.

[470] P Munetsi (2017/07/22 Sat 18:17) email :