Hello! I'm a Filipino who wants to learn Japanese within this year. I'm interested in a lot of things and would love to make friends!

[489] Xandra (2018/06/13 Wed 19:44) email :



[488] d (2018/06/10 Sun 17:46)

Desperately need your hel

Hi and thank you for reading! I'm researching the japanese culture, but you can't understand a culture by the interner- you can understand it by people. I would like you to help me get information about this fascinating culture and I will be very happy if you can answer me some questions. Thank you!

[487] Noa (2018/06/10 Sun 17:40) email :

Saludos desde México

[486] Nayeli Gonzalez (2018/06/08 Fri 10:23) email :

English help for you!

My name is Keith, I am a 41 year old male from South Africa.
I would like to meet people from Japan to learn more of your culture than just Anime & Manga!! I cannot speak any Japanese but I would like to help anybody that want to get better at English.

I would like to make many friends!
Ki o tsukete.

[485] Keith (2018/06/07 Thu 19:30) email :


Hi i could like to get Friends from japan, Because i love very much japan, is good country with good people.

GOD blees japan.


David hizza.

[484] David hizza (2018/05/25 Fri 15:42) email : meehizza@gmail. com

hola amigos

hola me llamo luis , tengo 20 años y me gustaría conocer personas de otros lugares , sé hablar español y ingles , soy de Perú , me encanta el basket y el fútbol , si gustas conocerme envíame un mensaje.

Hello my name is Luis, I am 20 years old and I would like to meet people from other places, I speak Spanish and English, I am from Peru, I love basketball and soccer, if you like to know me send me a message.

[483] Luis Axel Meza (2018/05/24 Thu 11:28) email :