Hello, my mame is Andrea.
Im 38 y.o.
I love animals, postcards, etc .
i am from Mexico, but i live in France. e-mail me:
Snail penpals welcome!

[468] Andrea (2017/03/27 Mon 06:18) email : freeanimallibre@hotmail.com

I am from SriLanka

Hello Friends! I'm from SriLanka. I would like to recognize new friends and help them for improve English knowledge and or Buddhism. Thank you.

[467] Sumana Kiththi (2017/02/22 Wed 20:20) email : skiththithero@gmail.com

Nigerian artist,Japanese

Hi, my name is Obilo. I live in Nigeria. I'm a guy, I am an artist.

I have a lot of respect for Japanese culture I'd like to learn how to speak Japanese, and eventually write. I also would like to know a lot about Japan, its history,philosophy, and way of life.

Feel free to contact me, you can teach me Japanese, and I can teach you good english! This is a new message...so I will respond. I wrote this February 13, 2017.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[466] 0bilo (2017/02/13 Mon 07:43) email : totelian@gmail.com


Hi, from SAIPAN here. I would like to have friends in Japan. I hope I could share more about our place and culture in the future.

Kind Regards,


[465] Ricky Castro (2017/01/21 Sat 21:58) email : kiericks@gmail.com

Hi from Brazil

Hi! I'm Victor, and I'm from Brazil.
I can speak Portuguese and English, and I'd very much like to make acquaintances in Japan!

Let's be friends!

[464] Victor (2017/01/21 Sat 10:00) email : k.victor.vianna@gmail.com


hi friends am kiyonga from Uganda, interested in learning Japanese language and culture any who can help

[463] kiyonga Stuart (2017/01/08 Sun 12:07) email : michealwise37@gmail.com


i need a pen pal am27 from uganda

[462] tomson rivers (2016/12/28 Wed 15:23) email : tomsonmrivers@gmail.com