Harun English


I am Harun 29 years male living in Amsterdam Holland, ive been to Japan twice and i like the Japanese country. I live my whole life in Amsterdam, i hope i can find someone here to talk English with and share many things together. I want to visit Japan in the future again. If you want to learn English i can help you to improve your English language.

Feel free to contact me, lets talk together !!

[765] Harun (2018/05/18 Fri 01:04) email : harun-7@hotmail.com

Seeking for a friend

Hi there, I am a freelancer, if u want to have nice and adventurous time mail me

[764] Luther (2018/05/10 Thu 01:24) email : josephremyprame@gmail.com

Searching for love

Hi. So I'm 31 years old guy from Finland and since my first time in Japan (years ago) I knew that Japan is the place for me. Actually my first book I ever bought was travel guide to Japan and it was 16-17 years ago. I'm not really searching for a friend, I'm searching love ^^ I'm already 31 and I'm ready to settle. I'm searching for love and hopefully marriage. We could live part of the year in Finland and part in Japan ^^ This is a long shot, but I don't lose anything by trying :) Somewhere there is the love of my life.

[763] Tapani (2018/04/09 Mon 03:58) email : Tapani.Tyyri@gmail.com


Hi. I am a Catalan girl, married, I am looking for a penpal. I study Japanese but my level is very basic and I would not give a little help. I like reading, writing, I have a lot of notebooks full of stories, crafts, crochet, mountain and animals. I have two cats. I would like to travel to Japan one day, when I can afford it. If you want to know something else, ask me.

[762] sandra (2018/03/29 Thu 04:14) email : sandynocturna@hotmail.com

A friend in Rome

Good morning to you all! I'm very fond of japanese culture and I'm studying japanese on my own. I'm 40 yo, living in Roma e working at National Library of Rome. Is there anyone who can help exchanging our languages italian/japan? Soon :)

[761] Gianluca (2018/03/27 Tue 23:02) email : gianlu.parisi@gmail.com


Hellooo! ^_^
I am a mother of two beautiful children and I work part time as a security guard.
I have little free time to devote myself and my hobbies but I would like to have pen pals to be able to have new friends and to learn new things related to life outside of Italy.
My dream is to go to Japan. I think it's a great Nation under many aspects. I would like to meet Japanese people so I can learn more about local customs.

I believe there is always something to learn from each person so..write me :)

[760] Francesca (2018/03/18 Sun 18:37) email : kelly0109@libero.it

Trip to Japan

Hello, i am Dion, i am 19 years old from Greece. This April i am visiting Japan and i would like to make some friends to meet them there and to talk with. Waiting to hear from you.

[759] Dion (2018/02/13 Tue 21:06) email : valilisd1998@gmail.com