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[769] KuroNeko (2018/08/02 Thu 02:55) email :

Searching for friends

Hello i am 29 years guy and living in Amsterdam, i have been two times in Japan and i am planning to go again in the future. I ak searching for an serious relationship or friends. Feel free to contact me.

[768] Harun (2018/06/19 Tue 16:42) email :

Good day, everyone!

I want to learn new language, by that I mean Japanese - I always was fascinated by Japan and always be. I love reading about japanese culture, myths, about daily life there, I'm a huge fan of japanese cuisine - if I only can find the ingredients, I will try making my own miso soup, jiggly cake or karaage. And I do like reading manga(shounen - like Dragon Ball), watch anime for time to time, and I am quite the Pokemon enthusiast.
I'm also a hobbist who loves to sew, cook, draw, write and play with crafting tools.
And to be honest, I just would love to have a friend.

[767] Kaja (2018/06/05 Tue 04:36) email :

Harun English

hello I am Harun 29 years old, I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I speak English, Dutch and Turkish fluently. I went to Japan twice and I think it's a nice country. I am looking for someone with whom I can speak English and someoneI can build a future together. feel free to contact. I am looking forward to talk with

[766] Harun (2018/05/18 Fri 01:51) email :

Harun English


I am Harun 29 years male living in Amsterdam Holland, ive been to Japan twice and i like the Japanese country. I live my whole life in Amsterdam, i hope i can find someone here to talk English with and share many things together. I want to visit Japan in the future again. If you want to learn English i can help you to improve your English language.

Feel free to contact me, lets talk together !!

[765] Harun (2018/05/18 Fri 01:04) email :

Seeking for a friend

Hi there, I am a freelancer, if u want to have nice and adventurous time mail me

[764] Luther (2018/05/10 Thu 01:24) email :

Searching for love

Hi. So I'm 31 years old guy from Finland and since my first time in Japan (years ago) I knew that Japan is the place for me. Actually my first book I ever bought was travel guide to Japan and it was 16-17 years ago. I'm not really searching for a friend, I'm searching love ^^ I'm already 31 and I'm ready to settle. I'm searching for love and hopefully marriage. We could live part of the year in Finland and part in Japan ^^ This is a long shot, but I don't lose anything by trying :) Somewhere there is the love of my life.

[763] Tapani (2018/04/09 Mon 03:58) email :