Hello, Konnichiwa


I am Kris 34 years old from Belgium. I would like to have some Japanese friends. I prefer between 20 and 34 years old. I have been allready twiece to Japan, and planning to come more in the future. My favorite city is Kyoto. I have Skype, Line. So let me know if you want to have a chat.
Looking forward to your messages

[748] Kris (2017/03/23 Thu 18:24) email : krisdetobel@live.be

Friends making

Hi everyone, I am a Chinese guy studying abroad in Ireland.
I've been in Ireland for 5 and a half years and just finished the master and am going to continue for the PHD in the energy management system. I love Japanese anime, and have learnt some basic Japanese three years ago. I'd like to make some Japanese friends. Contact me if you wanna have a chat.

[747] Jack (2017/03/03 Fri 22:06) email : 747020219@qq.com

hello from UK/Poland

Hello. I am searching for Japanese people, who like to write letters and exchange corspondency time to time. It would be nice if they are interested in European culture as much as I am interested in Japanese :)
If You are open minded person, honest, loyal, who like travels, kawaii items, wild nature or history please contact with me. Arigatou!

[746] Agnieszka (2017/03/02 Thu 04:55) email : marii_1986@tlen.pl

exchange laguage

Hello my new Friend !

i saw ur profile on penpalworld

Nice to meet u, here !

i'm Kevin, living in Paris

Would u like to be my
friend ?

do u use wechat, line, kakao ?

my email : kevinma38@hotmail.com

We keep in touch.....


[745] kevin (2017/02/26 Sun 12:34) email : kevinma38@hotmail.com


Hello everybody! My name is Alba, a Spanish girl who wants to mke a lot of new friends and learn more about the japanese culture.

Also, I've been studying japanese for over a year, but with no practise is kind of difficult to make any further progresses, so here I'm.

Yoroshiku! :D

[744] Alba (2017/02/24 Fri 09:27) email : agv27des@hotmail.com

Looking for..

Hello over there,

I don't know if there is someone how'd like to, but I'm from germany and looking for a penpal in japan. I'm 23 years old, living in munich and I'm a manager at a furniture manufacture.

My typical hobbys are music (listening and making), sport, my friends and family and much more.

I've never been to japan, but if got a crush (you can even call it a passion) for the culture of japan. I also love animes, games, technik at all.

I won't take your time any longer, but I'd like to hear from you about your beautiful country. I can speak about germany and europe at all, too.

The best would be if you'd write me at Line (ID: aeneas2403).

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,


[743] Mario K. (2017/01/30 Mon 23:34) email : lo0saintsrow0ol@live.de

Beautiful Japanese woman

Japanese woman Hello, my name LOUIS live in Italy, I'm 28 years old and have a black guy. I'd like to know a nice beautiful Japanese woman who wants to know a black guy. Am a nice quiet calm a little 'reserved, am tall 1.88 slim, sporty. I like the Japanese women are beautiful women attractive. I currently live in Italy but I have the intention of moving anywhere for love. If there is someone who wants me to know I can write about the E-mail ANDERSAM1970@GMAIL.COM

[742] LOUIS (2017/01/13 Fri 14:07) email : Andersam1970@gmail.com