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That's really thinking at an impessrive level

[925] Adelaide (2018/11/10 Sat 22:56) email : web

Funnily – I me

Funnily – I mentioned all-female Julius Ceasar. In the last few days, two have been announced: , and one at the Donmar., by Lyn Garner, is well worth a read.

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I want Real and True love

Hello, I am trying too find, a real and true Meaningful Relationship and LOVE. With a real Japanese woman. I Love Anime and Playstation. and the Rain I am Anime and Playstation Otaku I also love and like, Music (Symphonic/Operatic metal, Japanese, soft music, classical music, heavy metal, Anime ST, Game ST, Violin and Piano, opera vocals, folk music.), winter season, tea, Japanese nature art, Japanese food, Chinese food, food, Magna, nature and animals, reading, Lolita kind of clothing styles (Gothic, Sweet, Elegant), my favorite genres/types are fantasy, scifi, some horror, mystery, action, adventure, martial arts. I have never had a girlfreind, I have never been in a relationship, I am a virgin, and happy about it,I am 32 years old. I am 185cm's tall, green eyes and dark brown hair. Anthony

[923] Anthony (2018/06/16 Sat 15:36) email :

Hello from Perth!

Hi there! I am a lady travelling to Japan this year and would like to make some Japanese friends and maybe help each other with English and Japanese. I am excited to go to Tokyo Disney Resort and see the sights of Japan.

I live in Perth, Western Australia near the beach and like music (especially Donny Osmond and Pink!), travelling, reading, movies, and concerts.

Arigato gozaimasu!

[922] Kara (2018/04/19 Thu 15:16) email :

looking for friends

Hello my name is Jeremy. i am looking for some friends from japan because i find your culture and country very interesting. and i am just looking to build some long lasting friendships. i guess i should tell you a little bit about me i am a 20 year old guy from Australia i am 6ft tall and wear glasses i have black hair and a few tattoos. i enjoy playing video game reading comics and taking photos. i hope to hear back from some of you. :)

[921] Jeremy h (2018/03/28 Wed 04:55) email :


Hi (konichiwa)
I'm Vivienne and I'm 14 years old I would like a penpal from japan that is my age or is older because I would like to know more Japan and speak in Japanese yeah please message back.

[920] Vivienne (2018/02/20 Tue 19:05) email :


Im from perth hoping to find a friend as i dont have many. I love music fom 90s and 00s i like some kpop. I love harry potter.

[919] Nene (2017/09/26 Tue 20:19) email :