looking for a marriage

Hi.. i am ANTON... from SRI LANKA. i looking for a serious female japanese or korean marriage partner. age between 30 - 48

[888] anton (2017/04/20 Thu 16:20) email : lanka1969@yahoo.com


Warm greetings from a fellow student studying abroad in Australia, bumped into this site and curious lol
Thought it would be nice to have a pal from Japan to chat with, so just here checking it out, よろしく! =D

[887] KTong (2017/04/16 Sun 19:10) email : kt.tai@hotmail.com



[886] Jeff (2017/04/16 Sun 04:03) email : iamjeff0710@gmail.com

I want a wife

I want a caring and wonderful woman

[885] George (2017/04/13 Thu 23:13) email : cowboycalifornia1@gmail.com

I want a friend

I want to meet you

[884] George (2017/04/13 Thu 22:26) email : cowboycalifornia1@gmail.com

I want a friend

Looking to meet you

[883] Armstrong (2017/04/13 Thu 05:54) email : cowboycalifornia1@gmail.com


I promise I am not spamming, but the connection caused me to post 3 messages! Sorry!

Hi! I'm Azalea. And as you can see, I'm quite accident-prone. I love writing music, reading, playing with my cats and skateboarding during my freetime. I am a happy person and I love making new friends. Feel free to contact me should you be interested!

[882] Azalea Kamellia (2017/04/12 Wed 23:38) email : azaleakamellia@live.com