Hi., I am from India

Hi..m from India

.want to have more friends

[873] Milind Pai (2017/02/08 Wed 19:27) email : mindme21@gmail.com

Wanna make friends!

Hi! I'm joy from korea.
I wanna make japanese friends!
Im studing japanese and plan to travel japan this year.
Is it anyone who wanna b ma friend?

[872] Joy (2017/02/07 Tue 01:11) email : poohomh@gmail.com

looking to lean on

.can we start a convo w/ u ??

[871] kyric (2017/02/06 Mon 16:40) email : skyannmel@yahoo.com

Japanese language

I am interested in learning Japanese language

[870] Rishabh (2017/01/26 Thu 05:04) email : RishabGaikwad89@gmail.com


Hi saya dari INDONESIA

[869] Annur Laras (2017/01/21 Sat 10:11) email : annursukses@gmail.com

Friendly message

Hi everyone!! I am a Filipino and I really love a lot about asian, such their cultures,tradition,beliefs etc.And I want to learn more about them like their language. I hope I will find some friends here!Thank you.

[867] Joyce (2017/01/09 Mon 20:49) email : mabelcadano@gmail.com


Hello everyone, I am Jajati from India.I am very fluent in English and I can help you learn spoken English in no time. I want any friend who is around 15-16 years old, to chat with.
In return, I would appreciate a bit of guidance in learning Japanese language. I hope that is fine.
I am a Highschool student and I read in class 10th.

[866] Jajati (2017/01/02 Mon 19:03) email : pandajajati@gmail.com