Hello, my name is gagan and I am looking for long term friendship. I like nature and live travelling. I am in trading business.

[922] Gagan khatry (2018/07/14 Sat 21:24) email :


Hi! I am currently learning Japanese and would love if i had a pen pal or an internet friend who can help me. I'm really friendly and I'm interested in a lot of things!

[921] Xandra (2018/06/13 Wed 19:20) email :


I'm a student from the Philippines. I am very interested about Japanese culture, language, way of living et cetera. I am knowledgeable about English so ask me anything. I hope we can be friends.

[920] Mira (2018/05/27 Sun 11:14) email :

learn asiatics languages

I want to make me asiatics friends and have a cultural ex change To learn more about asiatic culture because I am fascinated by the beauty of the country and I would like
Visit these country

[919] Adrien (2018/05/21 Mon 04:01) email :

Hello Japanese friends

Ohayou gozaimasu. Watashiwa Jackie desu.
Firifin e Karakimashita.Sanjuu kyuu sai desu. Ima watashiwa nihonggo wo benkyoushimasu. Watashiwa nihon jin no tomodachi ga iru no ga sukiyaki desu. Douzo yoroshiko onegaishimasu.

[918] Jackie (2018/05/14 Mon 09:29) email :


Hi .... i am from Sri lanka. I was in Japan in Nov 2017 for 7 weeks under a JICA training programme. I was in Osaka Kyoto,Tokyo and Kobe. I was impressesd by the Jaoanese historyvand culture. Like to have friends from Japan . My english is good. So can practice english with me too.

[917] R. Naveen (2018/04/30 Mon 13:05) email :

Learning about japan

Hi, i want to learn about japan,and maybe find new friends,hope it will get reply,because i really curious about japan people ! thank you.

[916] Hussen (2018/04/25 Wed 18:40) email :