Looking for friendshipnew!

[904] Jiwon_Korean (2017/11/18 Sat 16:28) email : englit11@knou.ac.kr

Looking for new friends

Interested to get to know any friends from Japan. Age, gebder or background does not matter. 39 year old single male from Malaysia

[903] Tony Kumar (2017/11/05 Sun 17:51) email : tonyrajesh@hotmail.com


I'm Adrian and I admin one WA group of English learning and one Nihon Go. Please contact me if you want to share about Japan and also learn more English.
I have been teaching since 1998 and I works as international education advisor. I am 40 and single

[902] Adrian (2017/08/29 Tue 13:49) email : adriandavidarif@usa.com

sorry, trying to register

Not sure how

[901] Nur (2017/08/22 Tue 04:35) email : angahalina@gmail.com


Hi! I'm Nur. I'm from Malaysia. Hope I can get many friends from Japan. So, let's be friend!

[900] Nur (2017/08/22 Tue 04:33) email : angahalina@gmail.com


I would like to register but i am still lost on how to

[899] Al Aziz (2017/08/20 Sun 21:27) email : mdeedashki1661@gmail.com


I want to make my Japanese friends, especially those who wants to exchange their knowledge & experiences about bonsai.

[898] Badri Aryal (2017/08/17 Thu 20:11) email : <badriaryal@gmail.com>