Looking for Friendsnew!

I am Pradip, 23 M from Kolkata, India. A college student, studying English.
I don't have many friends, looking for a real friends. Whom I can chat and share my life with. anyone interested kindly message me here :


[878] Pradip Nath (2017/03/27 Mon 14:50) email : pradipn663@gmail.com


Interested in joining your community

[877] Monn bio (2017/03/15 Wed 16:18) email : Monnadrian123@yahoo.com

[876] ½ª³ (2017/03/11 Sat 20:59) email : ch.sorin@yahoo.com


i would like to visit japan & make friends of both genders & to stay in villages as i am interested in small scale farming

[875] balbir singh (2017/03/07 Tue 04:54) email : om.pune@yahoo.in


Hello Friends! I'm from SriLanka. I would like to recognize new friends and help them for improve English knowledge and or Buddhism. Thank you.

[874] Sumana Kiththi (2017/02/22 Wed 20:10) email : skiththithero@gmail.com

Hi., I am from India

Hi..m from India

.want to have more friends

[873] Milind Pai (2017/02/08 Wed 19:27) email : mindme21@gmail.com

Wanna make friends!

Hi! I'm joy from korea.
I wanna make japanese friends!
Im studing japanese and plan to travel japan this year.
Is it anyone who wanna b ma friend?

[872] Joy (2017/02/07 Tue 01:11) email : poohomh@gmail.com