No.97  Iskander   Date : 2019/03/23(Sat) 07:33
Salam, I am Iskandar from Algeria I am 27 years old I study Japanese myself, I want to apply it with people, I love to learn languages, I speak Arabic, French and English, I speak little Italian and Spanish, I love adventure, I get friends, I find the challenge in Japanese. So I want to learn
No.96  MUHAMMAD ASIF   Date : 2019/03/23(Sat) 04:56
Hi my name is Muhammad Asif and I need a Japanese girl whole life. My email is
No.95  Chie   Date : 2019/03/22(Fri) 22:58
Hi I'm from the Philippines and I just want to make friends there in Japan. Somebody to talk to and have a conversation with.
No.94  Malki   Date : 2019/03/22(Fri) 14:52
Hi.... I'm Malki
And I would like to chat with Japanese friend
No.93  Haydee   Date : 2019/03/21(Thu) 23:23
Hi im haydee .. i want to meet japanese
No.92  mohammed   Date : 2019/03/20(Wed) 08:03
im mohammed from egypt my old 35 i want japanese girl tk marry me
No.91  zoubir   Date : 2019/03/20(Wed) 04:47
ilike you so match
No.90  Bert   Date : 2019/03/19(Tue) 10:22
Hi I am a guy from Singapore and I hope to have more Japanese friends. contact me at Line, boredtuna
No.89  Bickey maharjan   Date : 2019/03/19(Tue) 02:58
Hy it me bickey from nepal I want to make new friends from this page
No.88  Houssam   Date : 2019/03/18(Mon) 22:20
Hi angel
No.87  Jason Neil Etto   Date : 2019/03/18(Mon) 17:50
Hi I am looking for friends and to exchange cultures with other people from other parts of the world....
No.86  Gihan Gaika   Date : 2019/03/18(Mon) 16:32
Hi I'm from Sri Lanka
No.85  Gyan prakash shukla   Date : 2019/03/16(Sat) 18:09
I like Japanese. I want to Japan friends, please help

No.82  Ira   Date : 2019/03/13(Wed) 15:50
Hi, I would like to have a Japanese friend and have cross cultural communication.
Thank you :)
No.81   Date : 2019/03/12(Tue) 17:12
hi any one who.wants with me and make.friends
No.80  Augustina sabugaa   Date : 2019/03/12(Tue) 07:43
Hai everyone it's to be niece to be here in this page. I'm augustina from philippines 25 yrs old i like to join this page to have a Japanese friends.i don't know why but I feel Japanese is a friendly person as I know. .that's all and thank you very much
No.79  Mali   Date : 2019/03/11(Mon) 03:44
Hey guys I am looking for a Japanese friend here to talk about cultures,food,hobbies ect.
No.78  Vipul Shah   Date : 2019/03/10(Sun) 17:11
Hi. I'm from India. I heard that Yocoin business had been set in Japan. Want to know this. I want to join n also Indian ppl Wil join. Pl call me on FB chat.
No.77  Nicole   Date : 2019/03/10(Sun) 14:38
Hi! I'm Nicole, 17, and I'm from Hong Kong. I now living in Vancouver, Canada. I'm planning to Japan for my graduation trip in this July/August. So I really hope to make friends with Japanese people!!
No.76  Andrew   Date : 2019/03/10(Sun) 13:42
I'm from the Bahamas and I'm looking for a friend. I'm on whatsapp 12428167769. Contact me, I'd appreciate it.
No.75  Andrew   Date : 2019/03/10(Sun) 13:36
I'm looking for a nice freind
No.74  Awla bd   Date : 2019/03/09(Sat) 22:59
Iam Labourboy
No.72  Justice   Date : 2019/03/09(Sat) 08:06
hi i am easy guy to be with from Ghana willing to make good friensd mingle have fun and probably mary as i love japanese ladies,through ideas sharing in all aspect of life love ones pls contact me peace be with u all
No.71  JUSTICE   Date : 2019/03/09(Sat) 07:57
HI lovely people im intereting guy to be with from Ghana willing to make good friends mingle have fun and probably mary since i love Japanes ladies through ideas sharing in all aspect of ones pls contact me on or watsap line +971569110755 peace be with you all.
No.70  Rishabh   Date : 2019/03/09(Sat) 04:07
Well , Myself Rishabh and I want to make japanese penpals since I am a great fan of Anime and Otaku culture. My email is and facebook id is

Thank you for reading. I would be very happy to get messages.Please message me!!
No.69  Zale co   Date : 2019/03/08(Fri) 11:48
Hello I am Marnelle. I am looking for Japanese penpals. I like to learn Japanese languange and have Japanese friends. Learn the culture. Please feel free to contact me. Thank
No.67  Quentin Fin   Date : 2019/03/07(Thu) 05:21
Hello beautiful girls
No.66  Numan Ahmed   Date : 2019/03/06(Wed) 16:41
I am an advocate and I from Pakistan and I have ability to accept everyone as human.i am professional,honest with my professional career and wealfear of people.
No.65  imcee   Date : 2019/03/04(Mon) 11:04
to know me better you can Email me.
happy to hear from you..
No.64  imcee   Date : 2019/03/04(Mon) 11:01
hi.i am new here. i would like to have friends from people of japan.I am planning to go in your place.Maybe i can meet you soon and to know our friendship better.
No.63  Justin   Date : 2019/03/04(Mon) 03:32
Hey, looking make friends during my trip to Japan in April.
No.62  Anna Lit   Date : 2019/03/03(Sun) 18:14
Anna is my name, Lhizt Anna Erquia in FB messenger..for more details about hsving a Fipina matured serious friendship..see ya guys. Have a nice day.
No.61  Anna Lit   Date : 2019/03/03(Sun) 17:42
Hi, can I have some Japanese friends doesn't matter the gender..just wanna learn as well languages from different cultures.
No.60  Muhammad Shahzad   Date : 2019/03/03(Sun) 15:42
I am from pakistan
No.59  mark louie c. calugay   Date : 2019/03/02(Sat) 23:16 looking for new friends in japan..beacuase i loved to work in japan.
No.58  Marco   Date : 2019/03/02(Sat) 09:12
Hi. I am Marco. I am Italian and Spanish ix and live in London. I am looking for a Japanese female friend. My Line iD is mar2018z I look forward to your message
No.51  Rubel Hassan   Date : 2019/03/02(Sat) 00:04
Hello ,
I am Rubel Hassan . I am Bangladeshi and I am looking for a Japanese girlfriend. If anybody interested then knock me please!
No.50  Hamouda   Date : 2019/03/01(Fri) 01:21
Hello, looking for japanes friend penpals to talk about culture and life
Im from TUNISIA if you want send me a letter, my adress
No.49  Parvez   Date : 2019/02/27(Wed) 15:38
Wish to get a good Japanese friend.
No.48  Kaj   Date : 2019/02/27(Wed) 09:46
Hello iam of to Osaka next mouth like meet a girl Japan girls plses ad me on Skype chopper658 just chats plses and Facebook my name is kaj krajewski
No.47  Gina   Date : 2019/02/26(Tue) 22:05
Hi, my name is Gina. I want to have a japanese friends..
No.46  Shahin   Date : 2019/02/26(Tue) 02:45
I am from Bangladesh,I wish having a Japanese friend,
No.45  Mc Hmingmoia   Date : 2019/02/25(Mon) 22:14
hello,am searching for Japanese friend girl And can u help me
No.44  Enrico   Date : 2019/02/25(Mon) 20:09
Hi, I'm Enrico, I'm living in Lisbon. I'm looking for a japanese friend to have japanese conversation!
No.43  che   Date : 2019/02/25(Mon) 15:35
i want to have a japanesse friend.. i want a girl
No.42  Thato   Date : 2019/02/24(Sun) 21:53
Good day, Thato from Botswana, Africa. Pals welcome
No.41  Pravu DM   Date : 2019/02/24(Sun) 20:48
Konni chhiwa , ogenki desu
No.40  Sukumar   Date : 2019/02/24(Sun) 02:32
Hello...i am sukumar from india...i want to make friendship with japan people
No.39  Marnelle Dabal   Date : 2019/02/23(Sat) 12:16
Hello I am Marnelle. I am looking for Japanese penpals. I like to learn Japanese languange and have Japanese friends. Learn the culture. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
No.38  Hannu   Date : 2019/02/22(Fri) 05:44
My name is hannu .
I am a university student in india.
I am an anime lover. Otaku.
Also loves japanese culture.
918949230215. My contact number
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