No.34  Hello My Name is Parker   Date : 2019/02/20(Wed) 14:54
Looking for women who would love to learn English in exchange
for Japanese conversational tips
No.33  Thilshan   Date : 2019/02/20(Wed) 02:44
Hi I like to have Japanese friends
No.32  lana lee   Date : 2019/02/19(Tue) 19:26
Hello! i'm hoping to make new friends and hoping to learn Japanese , I'm just a beginner. I love all Asian food with Japanese being my favourite . hoping to meet others that can help.
No.31  Datta wa   Date : 2019/02/18(Mon) 21:04
Hi im datta wa and I'm indian i like friendship
No.30  trowa   Date : 2019/02/18(Mon) 20:05
hi i am trowa and i am trying to learn japenese. i would love to make friends and learn japenese at the same time.
if u would like to talk plz i would love to.
No.29  Mimo   Date : 2019/02/18(Mon) 04:26
Hey my name is mimmo. Live in London. Looking for Japanese friend girl.
No.27  Genki soo   Date : 2019/02/17(Sun) 08:14
Hello good morning everyone
No.26  jhay   Date : 2019/02/17(Sun) 01:24
hi any one who.wants with me and make.friends
No.24  Bill   Date : 2019/02/16(Sat) 17:46
Hoping to make a friend/teacher to help me learn more about your culture and language
No.23  Liaqat Ali   Date : 2019/02/15(Fri) 20:02
Hy i want to Japanese friends please reply me
No.22  Yoko   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 08:30
Hi Ras izzee, I want to learn English!
No.21  Ras izzee   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 05:02
Hello how are you? I'm looking for pepals too. If you want we can write to each other email, whatsapp or any other social media you like. I hope to tell me more about myself and more my email
No.20  Adekunle Nurudeen   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 04:42
Hi, I an Adekunle from Nigeria, I want to make friend with a Japanese, here is my line ID an-nur2191
No.18  Satomi   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 03:57
re10 to cj

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!
No.17  Satomi   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 03:49
re9 to Khairul Hasan Mamun

Hello! I am Japanese girl.
I want to learn English and talk to you about our culture.
No.16  Deepa   Date : 2019/02/14(Thu) 02:19
I want to practice Japanese thru emails with a person who their first language is Japanese
No.12  modo   Date : 2019/02/13(Wed) 22:00
i jusy wanna talk i have a "full"mind that needs to be empty
No.10  Cj   Date : 2019/02/13(Wed) 20:04
Hello, this is cj from singapore. I am unerstanding culture and working in japan. If you have anything to ask about singapore, feel free to ask me. I could be your tour guild :) yoroshiku onegaishimasu
No.9  Khairul Hasan Mamun   Date : 2019/02/13(Wed) 19:02
Hi, I want to know about Japanese culture.
No.8  Fondem Julius   Date : 2019/02/11(Mon) 17:39
Hi Happy new year pals I have been on the internet searching for a site like this to make friends thank I gut it today.
No.7  lolia   Date : 2019/02/11(Mon) 17:38
hello , my question id directed to students who study in japan , it is : how does a public high school ( in japan ) cost ? i mean money you pay to school. thanks so much
No.6  Silvia   Date : 2019/02/11(Mon) 17:36
Hi. My name is Silvia, i'm from Italy. I would like to know more about Japanese culture and also your language. One day I would like to visit Japan, it would be my dream, If someone is interested, please, contact me. I would be very happy! Bye
No.5  Rebecca Print   Date : 2019/02/11(Mon) 17:33
hello i would like to be penpals
No.4  Nuno MIguel   Date : 2019/01/25(Fri) 17:24
My name is nuno, portuguese. I have decided to post my profile here as I am truly looking for pen pals from all over the world. Why? well, having friends from other parts of the world certainly gives you a better understanding of the real you, it also enables you understand the cultural aspect of your own culture and others as well. I am an Individual who respects everyone, I am not here to judge why people are this or that, I am as human as you all are, and having mutual respect certainly goes a long way. I am expressive, genuine, respectful and I am a good friend to those that need one, or at least, someone whom you can talk to about anything. I believe that, having a friend can really change someone's life, it can help you see what you can't see, it can help you understand who you are as a person, a friend isn't a statistic or a number, it is a human being like you and I.
No.3  Jesse   Date : 2019/01/26 (Sat) 17:07
I want to practice Japanese thru emails with a person who their first language is Japanese
No.2  Stacey/Suteisi   Date : 2019/01/19(Sat) 17:15
Hello, My name is Stacey(nickname Suteisi). I'm 31 years old, female from Canada. I've loved Japan and its culture for a very long time. I have traveled there twice in the past: October 2009 and Dec 2012-Jan 2013. I will be coming to Japan again, in April 2019!! I'm looking for female penpals around the same age as me, to send written letters (snail mail) preferably, but can also do e-mail or LINE. I would love to have Japanese friends to exchange life & culture, and hopefully also meet in person when I am in Japan (I will be traveling with my boyfriend for 2 weeks, staying in Tokyo & Osaka). I hope to hear from you soon!
No.1  Gareth76   Date : 2019/01/16 (Wed) 17:07
Hi, I am Gareth from Cardiff in Wales, UK. I am looking to meet people who can help me learn Japanese and become friends, and talk about lots of different things
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