No.223  RISHIRAJ   Date : 2019/05/21(Tue) 16:36
hi . i m rishi raj from india . i want to tour of japan ..
and i m very very like of tour
No.222  Alex   Date : 2019/05/21(Tue) 12:31
Hi, my name is Alex, I'm 25 years old and I'm an Italian boy and I would like to make some friend with Japanese people
No.221  Pete   Date : 2019/05/21(Tue) 04:26
I Love Japanese ladies
No.220  JUDE. CHIME   Date : 2019/05/20(Mon) 20:17
I so much like and appreciate Japanese people, culture, language, fashion and lifestyle.

I would love to make good friends and learn more about Japan, thanks.
No.219  Rajitha   Date : 2019/05/20(Mon) 20:06
I like japans jobs
No.218  Med dalaa   Date : 2019/05/20(Mon) 09:46
Hello everyone
Nice to meet new people especially from Japan.
Please write to me.
No.217  Dipak das   Date : 2019/05/20(Mon) 04:25
Will you merri me any japnes
No.216  Mcbolan siuluta   Date : 2019/05/19(Sun) 07:50
Am a man aged 38,from Zambia in Africa. Looking for Japanese friends either male or females between 33 to 45yrs.
Am friendly, sociable, love travelling, reading n making friends.
You can get in touch with me on my Facebook account-Mcbolan kowa Siuluta
No.214  Azim   Date : 2019/05/18(Sat) 03:15
I am Azim Age 35 I need Life partner for hole life
No.213  M Yasir   Date : 2019/05/17(Fri) 21:33
My name is Yasir I live in Pakistan
Im 18 years old
Im student
My dream go to japan...
No.212  M Yasir   Date : 2019/05/17(Fri) 21:30
I like Japanese language
No.211  Tylor Estill   Date : 2019/05/17(Fri) 08:54
Hi everyone I looking to make more and new friends from japan and I also travel there a lot and would be awesome to meet and hang out with everyone
I am
Age 25
Location USA California
USA army
Contact either email or Facebook
Facebook tylor estill
No.210  Bruce   Date : 2019/05/16(Thu) 10:58
Hi , my name is Bruce I live in Brisbane Queensland Australia if you would like a aussie friend I would love to chat anytime. Insta I'd Brucesoprano , please feel free to message me

No.209  ??????   Date : 2019/05/16(Thu) 05:32
Hey.. I'm a girl.
If there any Japanese girl wants to be my friend, I'll be happy ^-^
No.208  Parker   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 21:52
literally just looking for friends, any age, any gender, doesn't bother me.
No.207  Issa   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 15:15
Issa from Tanzania iwant japaneses friend have 25years old myemail whatsap number and phone number 0692694087
No.206  Jay   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 15:13
Hello there from the other side hahaha
No.205  Naeem   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 14:47
I want to Marry japanse female so plz help me
My Email Addres
No.204  Amraa   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 14:33
I'm looking for a Japanese woman friend.
Please contact me
No.203  Amraa   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 14:24
I'm looking for a Japanese woman friend.
No.202  Parvesh   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 10:26
Please contact me on my email address
No.201  Yaniv   Date : 2019/05/15(Wed) 00:14
I am keen on talking to japanese girls

I am from Tanzania - land of big dicks hehehe

Contact me
No.200  Merry Apple   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 16:38
Hello! I'm looking for a friend for life.
No.199  Ali   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 13:48
Hi How to going japan I want to going Japan But I have no way
No.198  Dibya Shakya   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 13:31
Welcome please l am able to service Japanese higher medical doctor lady. I am dibya Shakya from Nepal who have kept open positive mind her. Waiting good person..
No.197  Naeem   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 12:21
i want to vist japan
No.196  Albert   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 11:16
Hi Japan, I'm coming
No.195  Rocco   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 05:51
Hey I visiting Japan soon and I going to Tokyo, I looking for nice locals to meet
No.194  Pavan   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 05:13
Hii i love animes a lot and the humour of Japanse people
No.193  Hayrel Kim caldea   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 05:09
Hi Japanese I love you
No.192  Promise   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 01:05
Hello everyone I love to meet friends from Japan
No.191  Ananda   Date : 2019/05/14(Tue) 00:18
Hi..i would like to know japanese friends ...
No.190  ARINDAM MUKHOPADHYAY   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 23:32
I am Arindam.... I love Japan , I have visited Osaka, Takaoka.....
I am fun loving person and love travel very much.
Would like to know more about Japan.
Thnaks and Regards
No.189  Cj   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 22:58
Hi, i am travelling to japan and i would like to improve my conversational japanese. Catch up over izakaya or cafe is good. Hope to hear from someone soon!
No.188  Raymond   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 22:44
Hi everyone, am happy to be here. I like to make friends from Japan so as to learn your culture. Am opened and friendly.
No.187  Daniel   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 22:28
Im Daniel from Philippines looking for japanese girl.. that i can talk about out anime and manga ?...
No.186  Joe   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 22:04
Hi.. my name is joe. I living in singapore. I hope to know more Japanese in singapore and in japan. I love to travel japan every year for skiing. If you share the same hobbies as me, do leave a message for me and I will reply to you as soon as possible. I need more practice to speak Japanese. I have taken class for 6month.
No.185  MP   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 16:45
Hi there

Are there Japanese friends in London?
No.184  Reza   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 15:20
I want Japenes friand who speak persian with me
No.183  Jason   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 11:23
Hi would like to make some japanese friends
No.182  Ed   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 08:01
Hi!i'm love japanese culture food and all the beautiful places in japan wanna learn and be friends with japanese girl or boy.hope there's someone out thrre who share the same interest hoping to make your acquaintance!
No.181  Parvesh kumar   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 02:14
I friend my name is Parvesh Kumar and I have been working on the DEE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERS LTD and I want to do the friendship with Japanese people so please let me your friend. My WhatsApp no is +919991907404.
No.180  Shubbam   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 01:49
I like japanese
No.179  asif khan   Date : 2019/05/13(Mon) 01:46
Hi this asif i love to make Japanese friends please whatsapp me +917006274994 or email me
No.178  Vikki Ash   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 21:15
Hello My name is Vikki Ash and I m from USA. I am deaf. Looking for penpal. I used to have amazing penpal from Japan when I was in school but time fade away n missed her. Will like to do this again. I visited Japan and will like to visit there again but this time with new friends from Japan will be nice.
No.177  Bruce Soprano   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 20:34
Hi , my name is Bruce I live in Brisbane Queensland Australia if you would like a aussie friend I would love to chat anytime. Insta I'd Brucesoprano , please feel free to message me
No.176  Egis   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 19:53
I'm Egis from Lithuania (Northern Europe). I'd like to chat with Japanese girls. My Email is:
No.175  Angelica A   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 19:42
Hi! New here!?
I'm a fan of Japan and I love their culture.
Wish to learn more about it and get to meet Japanese friends here. Shout out to all Japanese out there?
No.173  Nyakana Faishar   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 18:32
my is Nyakana faishar from Kampala Uganda in East Africa I need a friend from Japan
contact me on
No.172  Aruna   Date : 2019/05/12(Sun) 05:29

Hi. Im aruna from sri lanka .like your country.Want to make friends with a Japanese girl or
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