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No.352  Mahen lakvindu   Date : 2019/06/18(Tue) 09:31
I need Japanese friends.
No.350  RABIN   Date : 2019/06/18(Tue) 04:39
No.349  Mahen Lakvindu   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 23:09
I like to friend with Japanese.
No.348  Gayan Muller   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 22:40
I like to have friends in Japan and any Japanese friends in Sri lanka
No.347  Luis   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 21:49
Hi konnichiwa I looking for a friend to learn Japanese and I teach English and Spanish
No.346  QAZAL   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 19:31
No.345  Joylyn Tolentino   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 17:28
No.343  Luis   Date : 2019/06/17(Mon) 13:28
Hi I looking for Japanese friends to learn Japanese and teach them English and spanish
No.341  saurabh kushwaha   Date : 2019/06/16(Sun) 13:10
Hi i want to frirndship to japanies to know about their culture and their people
No.340  Hi   Date : 2019/06/16(Sun) 10:16
WhatsApp numbers send
No.339  Tenzing rai   Date : 2019/06/15(Sat) 14:35
I am tenzing and I m from India and I am looking for a japnese girl.I m 20,years I m doing MBA
WATTS APP +919064015023
No.338  Tenzing rai   Date : 2019/06/15(Sat) 14:25
Hello I want to talk
No.337  Luis   Date : 2019/06/15(Sat) 13:05
I just looking a Japanese friend to learn Japanese and go visit Japan
No.336  Arul toure   Date : 2019/06/14(Fri) 20:36
I'm so interested in this count,and look for friendship
Iam living in Egypt Cairo here you are my number +201156161430
No.334  Fabio   Date : 2019/06/14(Fri) 17:42
Hi, anyone japaneese girl wants to meet italian friend ?
No.333  M.Riyaz   Date : 2019/06/14(Fri) 15:34
I am looking for Japan friends in Qatar
No.332  berzerk45   Date : 2019/06/14(Fri) 15:22
Hello! Want to practice Spanish?
No.331  Dan   Date : 2019/06/14(Fri) 15:03
Hello,Im looking for a friend,Im from Czech Republic ..
No.330  Sabbir(kogc)   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 22:18
Hei, I'm looking for some Japanese girl's to be friend with, I eould love to learn more about Japanese culture, tradition, language and friendship.
So, if your interested send a message
No.329  Tega   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 18:54
I am looking for a beautiful Japanese lady who can speak English for a good relationship. Whatsapp me on : +234863276110
No.328  Narayan Joshi   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 15:36
Hello World Greetings from Nepal I am Narayan Joshi from Kathmandu Nepal. I want to make friends from all over the world. Please write me your message at my email: volunteerinnepal@ Thank You.
No.327  Tyler Jenkins   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 14:54
Hello I'm an American and would like to make friends from Japan. I've been to Japan before and it was amazing!!

No.326  Jesse gan jr   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 14:28
Looking for a lifetime friend
No.325  lincoln gopie   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 05:16
I am looking for a beautiful Japanese girl who can speak English for friendship and to have a good relationship iam from trinidad
No.324  amith rudolf   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 05:03
hi from Indian to all Japanese women. I want to have good friend from Japan and I also want to Visit Japan one day. Please message me on amith50 at yahoo dot com
No.323  Levi concordia   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 04:23
Hi can you add me in my facebook account levi spark agamata concorsia
No.322  Kul bahadur samat   Date : 2019/06/13(Thu) 00:01
Hi dear friend how are you my name
Is kul bahadur samat and you name please ??
No.321  Arul toure   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 23:59
Hey everyone Iam so need to make a friendship with one of Japanese wether female or male this my number +201156161430 April toure egypt
No.320  Jesar   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 19:43
Need to find a japanesse friend
No.319  karthi. k keyanan   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 17:39
I'm from india, making friendship with japanese girl is my ambition. Any interested girls pl reply
No.318  karthi. k keyan   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 17:36
I'm looking for Japanese girl friends. Under the sun, only Japanese girls are most adorable and really cute flowers
No.317  Merusakii   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 14:53
Hello. I'm 23 year old nice to meet you 
No.316  Denis Ustavschikov   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 09:38
Hi, i'm looking for cute japanese girl for penpal:) Please find me in facebook
No.315  Mian bilal   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 03:19
Plz facebook id mian bilal i love jopan ledy contact watsap numbr 00923037491651
No.314  Ross   Date : 2019/06/12(Wed) 01:57
Can we chat
No.313  ShimuL   Date : 2019/06/11(Tue) 04:40
I want a Japanese girl friend
No.312  jayanath   Date : 2019/06/10(Mon) 17:45
im from sri lanka
i like japanese girls
whatsapp - +94776106754
No.311  jayanath   Date : 2019/06/10(Mon) 17:42
No.310  Maky santos   Date : 2019/06/10(Mon) 17:37
I'm looking for serious relationship I'm 25 year old and I from Philippine you can add me maky Santos fb fage
No.309  My name is marco   Date : 2019/06/10(Mon) 17:34
I'm looking for serious relationship I'm 25 years old this is my number 09496964647
No.307  Rusty   Date : 2019/06/10(Mon) 06:51
Would love to hear from a nice Japanese Girl for friendship
No.306  Andrea   Date : 2019/06/09(Sun) 18:53
Halo da Andrea Italy venice
No.305  Chamara Manawathilake   Date : 2019/06/09(Sun) 05:25
I am a Srilankan. I am searching for friends, ladies or gents. my Whatsapp or Viber +94720416773.

My mail:
No.304  G?khan DO?AN   Date : 2019/06/09(Sun) 04:01
Looking for Japanese culture. You can find my instagram below. Lets have a chat about Japanese culture!

No.303  Pete   Date : 2019/06/08(Sat) 23:46
Hi, I窶冦 looking are friend that can teach me Japanese language , custom and soul mate too .. my email
No.302  Pete   Date : 2019/06/08(Sat) 23:41
Hi, I would like to find friend that can teach me Japanese language and same time my soul mate too..
No.301  Marc Clave   Date : 2019/06/08(Sat) 22:10
Hi, I'm looking for a Japanese girl to be my friend.
chat me at my email.
No.300  Hamdi   Date : 2019/06/08(Sat) 14:28
Hello everyone
I am Hamdi from Turkey
I am looking for a japaneese friend
Pls contact me
No.299  Jackholy   Date : 2019/06/08(Sat) 02:31
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