No.142  Jow   Date : 2019/04/19(Fri) 15:18
Hello Im Jow from Taiwan.
I would like to be your friend!
No.141  i am mauricio   Date : 2019/04/15(Mon) 14:10
Hi, how are you doing, I want to have a friend with whom to share a talk

No.140  Rene Simon   Date : 2019/04/13(Sat) 01:25
Hello everyone.

I am new here. I love the Japanese culture and would like to know more about it. I would love to make new friends especially from japan. I hope we can be friends.

Let's get to know each other.
No.139  Whitney Gilbert   Date : 2019/04/12(Fri) 19:43
I want to find someone to exchange letters with to learn Japanese and in return help them learn English. We could do this by starting off with easy to understand letters. I'm 31 and a female, I love anime, music, animals, video games, reading, and arts and crafts and trying and learning new things. We can write hand letters, exchange gifts, text, or instant message. I have a kik, Google, aim, and outlook I'd.
No.138  Muhammad Briliandi Tsuyosa   Date : 2019/04/11(Thu) 23:04
hello my name is muhammad briliandi tsuyosa, i am from indonesia looking for pen pal, i am 14 years old and a student, maybe someone wants to be my friend

Wanna be friend??
Fb:Briliandi Tsuyosa
No Hp:085939230737
No.137  Shin Thant   Date : 2019/04/09(Tue) 05:32
I want to study japanese language and make friend with japanese people
No.136  Bashir talukder   Date : 2019/04/08(Mon) 22:48
I want a good Japanese friend
No.135  Zhel Deniola   Date : 2019/04/08(Mon) 06:23
Finding a good & friendly japanese girl or boy.thank u
No.134  ANAND   Date : 2019/04/07(Sun) 23:06
I am working on Non Violence thru education project. I look forward to make this happen
No.133  Rakibulla   Date : 2019/04/07(Sun) 20:54
Like me pls
No.131  Steve   Date : 2019/04/07(Sun) 14:43
Going to talk and meet a japanese girl in sydney
No.130  Muhammad Nadeem   Date : 2019/04/07(Sun) 02:10
I am searching a friend from Japan
No.129  Muhammad sohail   Date : 2019/04/05(Fri) 20:32
Hello japani fb friends
No.128  Yuki   Date : 2019/04/04(Thu) 11:21
I like to chat with any japanese friend.. I need to learn Japanese language.. I hope through this..any japanese friend help me
No.127  Raghu Aiyer   Date : 2019/04/04(Thu) 05:06
Hi! I'm an avid Japanese language learner. I started learning three months ago and I would be happy to have a penpal to practice and brush up my language skills with. You can reach me at
No.126  Masood Imran   Date : 2019/04/02(Tue) 22:40
Hi Japanese girls
I'm also like sweet and cute Japanese ladies
No.125  Christopher Berou   Date : 2019/04/02(Tue) 01:49
Hi. Want to make friends with a Japanese girl
No.124  Juan Carlo Abayari   Date : 2019/04/01(Mon) 18:53
Hi Im Juan Carlo Abayari.
I am from the Philippines
24 Years old. I am interested in the way your customs work.
I am also intruiged to learning new things.
You can contact me at
Or my Fb is the same name
No.123  Michael Barone   Date : 2019/04/01(Mon) 16:05
Konichiwa Genkidesuka...
I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia.
I was just wondering if we could get to
Know each other and become friends...
I think that Japan is an amazing country.
And I would like to visit and experience
The culture and customs of your beautiful
Country. I was born April/6/1977. I am
Single and I would like to meet someone
And have a serious and long term relationship.
Arigatou Gazaimasu...
Michael Barone....
No.121  worldadventuretours   Date : 2019/04/01(Mon) 04:55
I am Muhammad Siddiq from little Tibet in Pakistan, looking for someone who is passionate about travelling, camping , trekking and mountaineering to work with me. He/ she will be my agent in japan.
my email is:
No.120  Darker saint   Date : 2019/03/31(Sun) 10:17
Any friends some one to have fun
No.119  Aziz   Date : 2019/03/31(Sun) 02:29
Hello I am from Morocco and I want to know someone for friends
No.118  darwin   Date : 2019/03/31(Sun) 00:00
hi im darwin from philippines i hope i can be friends with girls hehehehe
No.117  Himal   Date : 2019/03/29(Fri) 21:11
Hi I from Sri Lanka. 23 year old. I love to have a friend from if you are interested to be my friend please message me. thank you.
My email
No.116  Gareth   Date : 2019/03/29(Fri) 01:43
Hello, konnichiwa. I am a British male aged 42 looking to talk to japanese women for language exchange and friendship. I want to visit Japan in the future and I would like to be able to speak basic Japanese before I visit.

You can contact me at
No.115  Udari   Date : 2019/03/28(Thu) 21:33
Hi freinds .im udari from srilanka .im looking for a long term snail freinds from japan.i love a law student and practicing as a lawyer. I m interesting postcards nice letters small stuffs.
You can write me on Email address to get my postal address
No.114  Hans   Date : 2019/03/28(Thu) 20:25
I'm Hans 46 year old male from Belgium. Very interested in Japan and it's culture. I'm looking for a Japanese woman until 40 years old for friendship and mutual communication. Only real Japanese and living in Japan will get answer. See you!

Whatsapp & Viber: +32 (0)492 75 05 65
Skype: real_cheburashka
No.113  Ver   Date : 2019/03/28(Thu) 19:38
Hi im looking for a japanese girl know how to speak english, want to make friend single only.
No.112  Adnan khan   Date : 2019/03/28(Thu) 04:47
Hi guys i m looking for japanes girl friend
No.111  Devi Jithin   Date : 2019/03/26(Tue) 22:21
Hai... I would like to make friends from Japan. I also want to learn Japanese language and my wish is to visit Japan one day, especially to watch the firework festival and sakura blossoms... I will be very happy if anyone is interested to be my friend.
No.110  Murtda   Date : 2019/03/26(Tue) 08:54
I want friends from Japan
No.109  Mohammad Arshadullah   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 21:03
I am from Bangladesh. I want to be good friend with any Japanese.
No.108  Grace   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 17:22
Hi. I like to practice my japanese language. Can somebody help and talk to me? Although i am not fluent in nihongo yet. Thank you.
No.107  Rajesh kumar   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 17:20
I want to best friend
No.106  Rajesh Kumar   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 15:29
Hello well come to india
No.105  Marie-Anglique Delacroix   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 05:54
Hi my name is Marie-Anglique but you can call me Marie. I have had a passion for Japan for a few years now. I'm currently in the beginning of my Japanese study and I will go to Japan in August. I would love to find Japanese e.pals I could maybe meet when I come to Japan!!

My Line id is: mileyovni
My Kakaotalk id is: mileyovni
My whatsapp is: 0033 6 23 11 48 67
No.104  Marie-Ang辿lique Delacroix   Date : 2019/03/25(Mon) 05:47
Hi my name is Marie-Ang辿lique but you can call me Marie. I have had a passion for Japan for a few years now. I'm currently in the beginning of my Japanese study and I will go to Japan in August. I would love to find Japanese e.pals I could maybe meet when I come to Japan!!
No.103  SUJAN NAG   Date : 2019/03/24(Sun) 23:21
No.102  SUJAN NAG   Date : 2019/03/24(Sun) 23:12
No.101  Jogie   Date : 2019/03/24(Sun) 14:41
Hi, I would like ask if someone may help me in being fluent in Japanase language
No.100  Pranjalkumar Sonawane   Date : 2019/03/24(Sun) 12:47
I want to learn Japanese
Any girl for chatting
No.99  lakshan   Date : 2019/03/24(Sun) 03:09 lakshan.from sri lanka..i need japan whatsapp number 0763588287
No.98  Faisal Ali   Date : 2019/03/23(Sat) 22:51
I want Japan's friend i love tokyo I'm from pakidtan 21year old my whatsapp.+923357769292

No.97  Iskander   Date : 2019/03/23(Sat) 07:33
Salam, I am Iskandar from Algeria I am 27 years old I study Japanese myself, I want to apply it with people, I love to learn languages, I speak Arabic, French and English, I speak little Italian and Spanish, I love adventure, I get friends, I find the challenge in Japanese. So I want to learn
No.96  MUHAMMAD ASIF   Date : 2019/03/23(Sat) 04:56
Hi my name is Muhammad Asif and I need a Japanese girl whole life. My email is
No.95  Chie   Date : 2019/03/22(Fri) 22:58
Hi I'm from the Philippines and I just want to make friends there in Japan. Somebody to talk to and have a conversation with.
No.94  Malki   Date : 2019/03/22(Fri) 14:52
Hi.... I'm Malki
And I would like to chat with Japanese friend
No.93  Haydee   Date : 2019/03/21(Thu) 23:23
Hi im haydee .. i want to meet japanese
No.92  mohammed   Date : 2019/03/20(Wed) 08:03
im mohammed from egypt my old 35 i want japanese girl tk marry me
No.91  zoubir   Date : 2019/03/20(Wed) 04:47
ilike you so match
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